About Us

“Bringing innovative technology and sustainable practices to the floral, event and decor industry.”


2023 Mission

In 2023 look for upgrades to props and floral decor adding LED lighting, touchscreen branding and scent marketing technologies to our offerings. We will be retrofitting existing props, building new innovative props and introducing new technologies into our floral decor. Our goal is to use technology to better assist our clients and their clients in communicating their messaging and brands at industry events.


The L+B in L+B Event Decor 

Stands for “Life + Balance = Sustainable Events.” Sustainability plays an important role in our daily actions and planning at L+B. We see the following 3 pillars of our sustainability program and ask ourselves these 3 important questions each time we build, procure, enact and meet on the future of our company.

I.) Environmental Sustainability - Does our product or action have the lightest footprint reasonably possible on our environment? Are we using sustainably procured products such as soy based inks, recycled woods, other renewable resources or certified sustainable fresh flowers? Are we offsetting our carbon footprint where possible to ensure we are minimizing our negative impacts on the planet?

II.)Socially Sustainable - Are we responsibly procuring the products and services needed from reputable and/or certified suppliers to ensure the workers of these companies are paid fair, livable wages? Are they provided proper safety training and equipment to do their jobs in producing the products we need? Are we managing our own teams in a responsible manner and building a foundation of business and culture that helps improve lives and not just exchange wages for labor?

III.) Economic Sustainability. Are we operating in a manner that is economically sustainable for ourselves, our clients and suppliers? The #1 way to make the most positive impact on sustainable practices is to be around long enough to continue the good work of leading an industry to sustainability. If our business is not profitable it will disappear, if our prices to clients are too high due to virtue overshadowing economics we will lose these customers. If we are not paying our supplier enough to pay their workers fair wages and produce a profit, they will stop selling to us.

Sustainable practices are about LIFE+BALANCE and they are critical to creating Sustainable Events. At L+B Event Decor we live and balance these daily and bring our clients the most eco certified and sustainable products and services for the floral and event decor industry.