Rustic Urban Bar

Rustic Urban Bar


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Assembled as a center-room feature, this version of a neighborhood “roadhouse” is comprised of rustic wood planking and corrugated, galvanized steel siding. Towering to an impressive 10’h, the structure is topped with a BLACK CANVAS awning structure. The 12” X 30” support columns are spaced to accommodate back-tables and shelving for back bars and décor appliques and displays. FOUR 8’ X 42”h corrugated steel counters are included as service features on each side of the structure, with matching 5’x5’x36” ‘L’-shaped counters included as four corners to the central beverage station. Each end of the structure presents a collection of varied Edison bulbs suspended in varying heights.. The entire center-room feature space occupies a 26’ x 22’ area. Accent lights are included.

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