Corporate Design

Make your next Corporate Event an experience to remember

Let us create a custom floral design that will leave a lasting impression

At L+B Event Decor, floral design is our passion. We know that a successful Corporate Event must express the vision and uniqueness of your corporate brand. Your Corporate Event is your company’s way of leaving a lasting impression with your attendees and custom floral designs are a spectacular way to show off your brand’s personality and style.

Our talented floral designers are visionaries. They have the unique ability to bring an idea, a concept or nothing more than a simple thought to life in brilliant floral splendor. L+B Corporate Event florals are renowned for their innovative designs, painstakingly concepted and created by our team.

Your Corporate Event floral design will begin with the hand selection of floral varieties that are distinct to your event theme both in color and style.  From the classic elegance of white roses, to the sophistication of orchids to the lighthearted fun of snapdragons, we select the perfect mix of flowers to express the vision of your event.

Your floral selection becomes the canvas of the living artwork that evokes the perfect expression for your Corporate Event. Whether a lush floral champagne wall, a colorful, tropical scene or just the right touch of floral brilliance throughout your event, Lowe + Behold will create an impression that will last long past your event day.

The possibilities for your L+B Corporate Event floral design is limited only by your imagination. So let your mind wander down the garden path. We can’t wait to see what you find.